This is how i cry Remix Jukebox

This is how I do it, this is how I roll,
You never know when I'm gonna grab your soul,
I'm from that dirty south,
Where Katrina tried to push us out,
But New Orleans,
Is still rockin' the scene,
Since 87 I have been mixing beats,
Rockin' the parties, rockin' the freaks,
Like it's been said, I just push those haters back,
Keep doing my thing, fuckem' thats a fact,
Its for my fans that I take a stand,
And rock the clubs all across the land,
You know it's real, you feel what I feel,
It doesn't matter if I ever get a deal,
Most of these cats are just a charade,
I'm a renagade, betta believe I am self made,
I'm Tears of Technology & music is my life,
From every waking moment till the day I die...

It was the old school that taught me all about myself,
That's why this * rockin' past december 2012,
Still smoking my chronic, deflecting defeat,
You can call me the Dr. Dre of breaks & beats,
It's time for a confession, I am not impressin',
This is my expression, this is my lesson,
This is how I cry & it's all I know,
It's why you can't fade me or steal my show,
I come from the school of legends & mastas,
To challenge me, that be a disasta,
This aint no joke, this aint no dream,
Things are exactly just as they seem,
Been in the game for 20 plus some,
And unlike you son, I do this for fun,
Don't do this for money, don't need to be on top,
Now isn't that funny, look how hard I rock


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